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When Good Enough Is Not Safe

Powerskills for Life: OSHA & Electrical Safety Experts

As many of you know I was nominated for a 2010 Business Excellence Award.  It is an honor to have been nominated.  Thanks to all who voted!

Working with high voltage electricity is an extremely dangerous profession. Many things can go wrong including human error. The more skills we possess the more powerful we are on the job.   Ask this question: “IS GOOD ENOUGH, SAFE?” The answer is, “No”.


Powerskills for Life (PS4L) strives to improve workplace safety and performance through OSHA Safety Training workshops and Safety Consulting services. Ensuring your workplace is electrically safe is not only a smart investment; it’s also the law.  Please view our Capability Statement here.

PS4L is a unique company with real-world, hands-on experience in solving the types of safety concerns facing your business. Working closely with you, we improve your safety systems and operations as well as your bottom line.



Patricia Stagno's Page  "The Penguin Plunge"

I am plunging for a group formally named "Merrimack Special Needs Youth Group", but it is informally called the "Merrimack Friars".  We are a parent and volunteer led organization with 55 members and an annual budget of $10,000.  Last year it cost more than $3,000 just to send our members to the Winter Special Olympics.  Most of our members participate in the Special Olympics Games but are on fixed incomes and can't afford the fees.  We use your donation to assist our membership to participate in these games as well as social functions that give them something to do, friends to do it with, and a place to go.  One Hundred Percent (100%) of the donations we receive go toward our members!  Thank you for your contribution.  No matter the amount we cherish your thoughtfulness.

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PS4L is a certified DBE, WBE, VOSB & WOSB with NH DOT, WBENC and NWBOC.  Powerskills for Life is a “Certified Women Owned Business”.



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